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Funding the future without forgetting the past

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Dedicated to Enhancing the Lives of Others

Are you trying to make a difference in this world? At D&D FOUNDATION, we believe that the contribution should not only be monetary but that with the help of culture and training, much can be done to improve the lives of others. Founded in 2011, for many years, we have been committed to transforming people's lives by investing in culture, education and history.

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our world

our companies to improve the world

As a Research and Development Foundation, the D&D FOUNDATION has created over the years prestigious companies with the mission of achieving the goals it has set itself: improving the world by helping, restructuring and promoting culture and research in all its forms.

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museum et galleries

We support, invest and renovate museums and galleries. The culture and history contained in museums and art galleries help the world. Every country every city must have its space to dedicate to art, beauty, history. We are convinced that culture, museums, history, paintings, books and ethics can help people to live better and cities to enjoy the culture.


We are a company that deals with the world of horses. The D&D FOUNDATION is the only Foundation in the world to have a company dedicated to the world of horses. It might seem strange in reality; it fits precisely in the vision of the Foundation. We help animals by supporting breeders and research centres. We help and renovate racecourses and tournaments where the horse is the essential element.


emerging countries

Many private associations, national or international, have continued for decades to help in the wrongest ways there are. We choose specific projects and manage and verify them in the country. Do you feel normal? Believe us; it is not. Many foundations and many international and very famous agencies say they do it, but they delegate to third parties who are then unable to control exactly where the money or resources donated go.

nano science future

Research, nanotechnology, augmented reality, virtual reality, quantum engineering, innovation and the future. We support projects in these sectors that we have always believed necessary to improve the future of the world.



We prefer to develop real estate projects are clinics, hospitals, research centres and laboratories, museums, galleries, libraries, and riding schools, particularly in emerging countries. If you have a project in these sectors, write: we answer everyone.

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We are honoured to be an accredited partner of TDHI INTERNATIONAL: a TDHI GROUP  WWW.TDHI-GROUP.COM
It is the first year we hope it is only the beginning of an important collaboration with such a prestigious partner.

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